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brochure - THE BOYSCOUTS

opdracht: ZLDA / omvang: 16 pagina’s /

aantal: 4.000 stuks / ontwerp: Ralf van de Kerkhof, Rotterdam

The Boyscouts is a fashion accessory label from the Netherlands promoting elegance in urban life, with products varying from jewelry to bags and accessories. Combining urban with outdoor elements define the Boyscouts’ signature: Contemporary fashion meets the esthetics and tradition of scouting. Themes and items change with every new collection, but what never changes is the use of high quality materials. The 2012-2013 collection is inspired by the ‘forces of nature’. For boyscouts these elements are second nature and knowledge of this crucial for survival. It’s about finding your way by looking at the stars and read time by the position of the sun. The Boyscouts believe in quality components and local craftmanship.
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